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About Omair Calculators

Omair Calculators is the World's Smartest Calculator that can be connected to your Android or iOS devices to send and receive data from your device to the calculator and vice versa. It can also send and receive data to and from another Omair Calculator.

Normal Scientific Calculator

Use it like a normal scientific calculator when you need it. When not in the advanced mode, it is just like a normal scientific calculator.

Google Search

Connect to the Internet and read Search Engine Results for any query you like. Just type the keywords of your query and it will show you the Google Search results for it.

Chat with Phones

Chat with an iOS or Android Device anywhere in the world. It has no range limits, it can chat with an Android or iOS device is any corner of the world.

Chat with Calculator

Chat with another Omair Calculator at a distance of approximately 20 meters. Instant chat popups to the Calculator that you are chatting with.

Triple-Click Typing

Use the old phone triple-click keyboard to type while chatting and google search. Please refer to the User Manual for further instructions on how to use each and every key on the Calculator.

Transfer Files

Store up to 300,000 words of text notes and up to 30 files on the Omair Calculator for storage. Use the Omair Calculators App to load text files onto the calculator.

How It Works?

Chat Mode on Calculator

Turn on the Calculator and enter the password to unlock the Chat mode (the default password is 123456). You can change the password to you desired one. PLease refer the User Manual to change the password.

Download the App

Download the Omair Calculators Android App from here. (Note that the Omair Calculators App is not available on the playstore currently. It can be downloaded only from here.)

Enter the IDs

Each Omair Calculator has its own unique Internet and Tunnel IDs. Enter the IDs in Omair Calculators App so that your Android or iOS devices can connect and interact with your Calculator.

Start Chatting

Once you have entered the IDs correctly, you can start communicating with your Omair Calculator from your Android or iOS devices. You can start chatting and transfering files to the Calculator.

App Screenshots

Our Pricing

We have decided the most reasonable price based on the performance and usefulness of the Calculator. You may contact for further information or queries regarding the prices of the Omair Calculator.

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Per Calculator

  • 1 Omair Calculator
  • 300,000 Words storage in a Text File
  • 30 Separate Files can be Added
  • 2 AAA Alkaline Bateries
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Download our App now to connect your Omair Calculator to your Android or iOS devices. Note that the App is currently not available on Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. The download button below is the only way to download it.